Devco Logistics Services

As a company, we are aiming to provide the best service to you. Devco Logistics Services has signed countless projects since its inception and has left a lot of satisfied customers behind it.

From the start of the business to the end of the business, we fulfill your requests within the framework of our facilities and also provide support after the service. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction …

Devco Logistics Services act with the consciousness of timely delivery of the goods. Road transport with Turkish and foreign plate vehicles without customs clearance problem is carried out.

Full (FCL) and partial (LCL) ports and between ports all over the world that Turkey marine transportation services Logistics Services Devcon will also be happy to serve our valued customers with experienced and skilled staff.

Devco Logistics Services is providing airline transport services with affordable prices and economical solutions to customer needs.

Devco Logistics Services provides economical solutions for raw material transportation by railway.
All the balkans are in the middle east and CIS-oriented logistics services are prepared by our railway transport specialists in accordance with your needs.

As DEVCO LOGISTICS SERVICES we act with the consciousness of timely and safe delivery of your cargo; road transportation is carried out with domestic and foreign plate vehicles which have no problem of passing... read more
As Devco Lojistik Services we provide economic solutions for raw material transportation by railway. Our logistics services focused on the Balkans, the Middle East and CIS are prepared by our railway transport specialists in accordance... read more
As DEVCO LOJİSTİK SERVICES we experienced and trained expert staff to our esteemed customers with complete (FCL) and partial (LCL) among all world ports and ports of Turkey, we continue to provide maritime transport... read more
As Devco Lojistik Services ; We provide airline transportation services with cost and economical solutions for our customers. Our air cargo department, which serves all import and export sectors, uses the advanced agency network to deliver... read more
Devco Lojistik Services offers turn-key customs clearance services. Import Customs Transactions Export Customs Transactions Transit Customs Transactions Free Zone Customs Practices Free Zone Foreign Trade Practices Regional Merchandise Entry, demand, inventory tracking. Customs procedures... read more
DEVCO LOJİSTİK SERVICES The logistics chain, which includes delivery from abroad to the final consumer, is organized with expert cadres. In principle of door-to-door delivery, we draw logistics from your work intensity. With the... read more

We carry your products in the most reliable way, at exactly the right time and at the right time. We are doing our work meticulously without even allowing the slightest negativity.

Fast Delivery

Air and Sea Freight is a simple extension to your products, but you get the advantage of every innovation, if you are a development in the shovel.

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We always have a technical service team that can prove your questions. Our guru-faced and dynamic customer representatives provide the quickest way to get your questions back.